Service-User led Mental Health Skills and Awareness training.


My experience sourcing and booking training with IMAGO Training has been very positive. Jessica was professionaland proactive, ensuring that everything was in place in order for the training day to run smoothly. She also helpfully provided me with feedback from learners on the day, which was positive and showed that the learners got a lot out of the training.


June 2018

Cameron and Jess from Imago Training LTD helped co-facilitate our MSc teaching on Self-Harm. They did a great job of engaging the audience and encouraging reflection on this difficult topic and the student feedback I have had has been really positive. I very much hope they can continue to contribute to the session in the future


April 2018

'The use of guest speakers was invaluable in gaining insightinto self-harm.

 THANK YOU FOR BRINGING SERVICE USERS IN!!!!!!!! I have been dying for this all year as I find it incredibly insightful!!!! Loved loved loved this lecture!!!!!!!!!!


April 2018

Just wanted to say thanks again for the training you both delivered for ICM last week. The feedback was excellentand I really got a lot from it. I very rarely think about training for days afterwards but found myself doing that after the Personality Disorder training.


September 2017

'IMAGO Training are outstanding trainer’s and real advocates of mental health. IMAGO Training have extensive knowledge and experience about mental health. Their passion for mental health awareness and reducing the stigma about mental health shines through their training. Very professional, informative and well organised and I always receive very positive feedback from delegates attending their training courses. I would definitely recommend IMAGO’s training to others.'


July 2017


‘We have used IMAGO training for our volunteers on the NHS Wellbeing & Mental Health Helpline on several occasions and each time the response from the volunteers is amazing. Cameron and Jess’ ‘know no bounds’ approach to mental health is so enlightening and important when attempting to break the stigma that comes with mental health. This initiative goes to show life experiences are so effective when discussing real life issues, something you cannot learn at any university or college. Thank you so much to the whole team for a fantastic, informative and fun day – we cannot wait to have you back’


June 2017


‘I thought having Cameron and Jessica come in and talk to us about their real life experience was so valuable and it has been one of my favourite lectures of the whole course so far. It makes such a difference hearing real people talk about things, in their own words rather than being fed all theory and the academic side of disorders. I personally found it extremely interesting and was grateful for them being so open and honest with us’


‘I thought it was one of my favourite lectures since being at Manchester (and I was here for undergraduate as well). I found it was so so engaging to understand concepts from a service users point of view, instead of just hearing about research studies all the time. Listening to how things worked in practice showed a different perspective to mental health treatments. I felt that IMAGO Training showed a real passion, which made me more interested in the lecture’ 


‘I thought their teaching was highly informative and I liked the way they incorporated activities and grouped our ideas together so that we could really benefit everyone's thoughts as well as hear their own opinions from experience. They brought an interesting, alternative perspective to psychological interventions and research’


March 2017


'Thank you so much to Jessica and Cameron from Imago Training Ltd for our 1 Day Mental Health training as well as training all our volunteers. It was very interesting and we learned a lot from this course. You both made us all feel relaxed through out the day and we hope to do more training with you soon...'


March 2017


'We just wanted to Thank you and Cameron for delivering your one day Personality Disorder training to our staff across Manchester. I personally, took a great deal away from it and believe it will make a difference to all my interactions with people who have been diagnosed with Personality Disorder. The team all think you’re amazing at what you do and they all believe this method of training from ‘real life experiences’ point of view is the absolute, most effective way of teaching people about Mental Health. Once again, from all of us, thank you!'


January & February 2017


‘The Personality Disorder training that IMAGO Training provided for our team was extremely well received. The Support Team felt that the knowledge and person centred delivery of the subject left them feeling more confident and clear on how to better support our service users. The facilitator was very accommodating and gave the team a better understanding of Personality Disorder and Self Injury. We would recommend IMAGO Training to other services and hope to use them again in the near future to continue developing our teams’ knowledge on Personality Disorder’


November 2016


'IMAGO Training have been very helpful in supporting our work with asylum seekers. The volunteers were able to access the 1 Day ASK Essential mental health awareness day and all shared how valuable they found it to be. They now feel equipped to deal with those they come into contact with who are struggling...'


September 2016


'The 1 day ‘ASK Essential’ Mental Health Training delivered by IMAGO is extremely insightful, powerful, thought provoking and informativeAll of the staff that attended have commented on how many aspects of the training still have an impact on the appointments they are conducting with our customers...'


August 2016


'IMAGO Training delivered 3 of their 1 day ASK Training Days to customer facing staff and feedback was that they every single person gained something from the day. Staff who attended either commented on the day, or have since stated, how they have never been on training like it previously, that they understand far better now what it is like for someone who is living with a Mental Health Diagnosis and how they can be better Job Coaches as a result. Every member of staff, including myself, agreed that receiving insight from someone who has lived with a diagnosis is invaluable and really helps you to reflect a lot better on how you interact with people who have these diagnoses.

The content of the 1 day training course is wonderful and unlike other training it covers not just awareness and knowledge of various different Mental Health diagnoses but also shares Skills that staff can use themselves to improve their own interactions; this is something nobody had experienced in other Mental Health training days. Both Jess and Cameron are incredible at delivering this training; they made staff feel comfortable discussing some difficult topics and were professional throughout sharing some very personal experiences.  I really cannot rate highly enough how this training’s content, delivered by those that are experts by their own experience, has benefited myself and other staff in their daily face to face interactions with people with Mental Health diagnoses. 


June 2016


'I received a training session on borderline personality disorder. It is one of the best training sessions I have ever been to. I use the knowledge learnt constantly in my role and feel that it gave me a more in depth understanding of personality disorder and an empathetic approach to supporting my service users. The approach you use to training is second to none and I would love any opportunity to access anything further'


May 2016


'We were all hugely impressed with the training: over 40 people booked representing 21 local organisations/projects… The vivid real-life experiences of mental ill-health and personality disorders gave everyone far better insight plus valuable advice as to how to better support our clients.  Cameron and Jessica generously shared their personal experiences to bring the sessions alive - massive thanks'


March 2016


'Our Charity deals with people who have drug/alcohol and mental health issues and we contacted Imago Training to book their Mental Health Awareness Course, to assist and give all our volunteers as much information and help as they needed. The volunteers found the course very interesting and helpful and they feel much better equipped to deal with any future problems. It was very beneficial to them and some even said it was one of the best courses that they had ever attended! So we would like to say a big thank you to Imago and keep up the good work!'


March 2016


'We have used Imago Training twice now to deliver training to our Helpline volunteers. Each time has been extremely insightful into what it must be like living with Borderline Personality Disorder. Cameron’s analogies really help us to understand, which we find useful to identify with our complex callers. The training is so unique and I personally believe this is due to the ‘Lived experiences’ aspect of the training. Cameron does not sit and explain BPD, Anxiety, Self-Injury and Depression using long technical medical jargon. He tells you about some of the darkest moments in his life, and can add a humorous spin which really lightens the mood when talking about these terrible experiences. It is such a niche service and we as a service are extremely glad we stumbled across it! I would 100% recommend to any service that deals with anyone with Mental Health problems'

Lancashire Care NHS Trust - WELLNESS AND Mental Health Helpline

January 2016


'Cameron is a high quality trainer who manages to subtlety combine bringing in his crucial lived experience of personality disorder when needed - I can't emphasise enough how powerful it is to have somebody talk about the theory and then demonstrate through life experiences how this impacts on a person's life. Cameron is able to do this whilst still maintaining the role of a highly skilled trainer (independent of his lived experience). Cameron is a trainer who brings both a high level of knowledge and high level of experience to the role. I would highly recommend him'


May 2015


'...Cameron is a professional, confident and engaging presenter. He uses his own analogies and reference to personal experiences to enable delegates to grasp difficult concepts. He also isn’t afraid to share his own unique experiences to aid the knowledge and understanding of others'

Gary Lamph – Advanced Practitioner in Personality Disorder, Lecturer in Mental Health Uni of Salford

May 2015


Telephone; 07593 107 822