Service-User led Mental Health Skills and Awareness training.


Self Injury

Understand, Validate, Empathise, Stay Safe

Self-Injury is a commonly misunderstood and highly stigmatised (and often ridiculed) phenomenon. There are many common attitudes taken by medical professionals, multi-agency staff, the public and mass media.

However the reality of self-injury is massively complicated and very often unhelpfully misunderstood.

As some of our facilitators are self-injury 'survivors' we can present training written from this unique service-user perspective. Our training covers reasons for self injury, the stigma around self-injury, harm minimisation and looks at recovery also and effective skills for working with people who self injure.

We offer two courses in Self Injury;

  • Working with Self injury; This is a half day course covering self injury and aims to give staff basic practical skills in working with self injury.

  • Self Injury - Education, Awareness and Skills; This is a one day course covering the formal theory behind self injury and a more detailed look at the causes, types of self injury and provides a practical guide to working with people who self injure.

The training course will take the form of group discussions and workshop-based activities and challenges the attitudes which often prevent services being delivered in an optimistic, service-user orientated manner.


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