Service-User led Mental Health Skills and Awareness training.



Mental Health Awareness and Skills Training

We are a service-user led company which specialises in providing high quality, bespoke Mental Health awareness and skills training for professionals, volunteers, carers, students and communities. 

All our courses are facilitated by Experts by Experience (EBE’s) who all have informed poignant lived experience in the subjects covered by each course.

Our courses are EBE developed and contain a wealth of experience in Mental Health and the Mental healthcare system. 

We are placed in the perfect position to provide training and consultancy services to any organisation that is dealing with the challenges of Mental Health. By raising awareness and providing the knowledge of how we were aided on our recovery journey,

We provide people and organisations with the confidence and skills to effectively work with those suffering from poor Mental Health.

In August 2018 we launched our first #ThreeLittleBirds Mental Health Cafe. For more information visit our #ThreeLittleBirds information page.


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